Become a Picklesburgh Vendor

Picklesburgh will have something for all taste buds – even those averse to pickles! Vendors can offer handcrafted ready-to-eat foods, including local chefs and restaurants, many of whom pride themselves on house-cured pickled ingredients; traditional ethnic foods that incorporate pickling such as corned beef, sauerbraten, chow-chow, sauerkraut pierogis, and dilly beans; pickle-infused snack foods like dill-flavored popcorn, pickle-flavored ice cream, and deep-fried pickles; and international foods that utilize traditional pickling methods such as kimchi, chutney and pickled ginger. Merchandise vendors, processed and snack foods, and alcohol vendors are also being considered.

Applications for 2022’s Picklesburgh festival are now closed, learn more about other PDP vendor opportunities here

Creative, ready-to-eat, pickle menu items are encouraged, along with vendors of a wide variety of pickled and fermented products. Creative pickle-themed merchandise is also encouraged.

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