2019 Vendors

Dill-icious delights, peculiar pickled drinks, tasty treats, fun pickle merchandise, and more are available all weekend long.

Food, drink, and merchandise vendors are open all hours of the festival.
Cocktails are available beginning at 4:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. Beer is available at all hours of the festival.

View a complete festival map here, including the “festival neighborhoods” where you can find the various vendors below.

Dill-ightfully Prepared Food & Drinks

VendorDescriptionFestival Location
Allegheny City Farmssmall batch, artisanal pepper products and hot sauce, plus pulled pork sliders featuring Pittsburgh Pickle Co. picklesCity East
Aunt Carol’s Gourmet Dipsready-to-eat pickles and assorted pickled veggies served with gourmet dips in a variety of flavorsBridge South
Bae Bae’s Kitchenall natural, Korean-inspired cuisine including Grandma’s kimchi and dumplingsBridge South
Beef Jerky Outletdill pickle jerky, prime rib jerky, along with ginger lime, french onion, and other jerky flavorsCity East
BRGRgourmet burgers, pickled toppings, fried pickles, and a Pickleback cocktailBridge North
Brine Brotherspremium, all-natural pickle juice in three flavors, plus pickle slushiesBridge North
Chocolate Moonshine Co.gourmet fudge including dill pickle, peanut butter pickle swirl, pickle-back whiskey and spicy pickle flavors, plus Belgian chocolate covered pickles-on-a-stick, candied pickles-on-a-stick, and candied pickle lollipopsBridge North
Choppin’ Block BBQchef-driven BBQ including brisket and pulled pork with house-pickled vegetables, scotch pickled eggs baked in a sausage crust, and a pickled berry Moscow Mule cocktailBridge North
Coop de Villepickle-brined fried chicken sandwiches with house-made pickles, pickled summer vegetables and pickled green tomato jam, plus kale & faro bowls with pickled vegetables, green tomatoes, and pickled jalapeño dressingCity West
DiAnoia’s Eateryporchetta on house-made focaccia bread with giardiniera and pickled hot peppers plus fried pickled mozzarella with pickled pepper marinara sauceBridge South
Ekernally Yours Gourmet Popcornfresh-popped popcorn in a variety of gourmet seasonings and flavors made from scratch, including dill pickle, hot pickle, and bread & butter pickleCity East
Fabulous Homemade Cookiescookies and cupcakes from scratch including peanut butter pickle, molasses pickle pepper, Old World sauerkraut brownie, and new pickled pizzelle Bridge South
Gosia’s Pierogiesfamily recipe dumplings that marry buttery mashed potatoes with swirls of dill pickle, sauerkraut, and new this year, a pickle cheeseburger pierogiBridge North
Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shoplocally-brewed pickle soda, plus the first-ever chocolate covered pickle Oreo, pickle saltwater taffy, and pickle cotton candyBridge North
I’Dill Picklebacon-wrapped fried pickles, brie cheese stuffed pickles, “dog in a dill” hot dogs, and frozen limeade with a pickle twist from the team at the Pittsburgh Irish FestivalBridge North
Ki Polloauthentic kimchi-brined Korean fried chicken sandwiches, saucy wings and nuggets, plus traditional Korean pickled vegetable side dishesBridge North
KingView Meadpickled watermelon rind & strawberry mead along with pickled-ginger mango hard ciderBridge North
LaScola’s Italian Ice & Custardhomemade Italian ices and frozen custards including lemon-basil dill pickle ice and frozen sweet pickled beet custardCity East
Le’s Orientalpopular pickle eggrolls, kimchi, grilled pickles & vegetables on a stick, mac & cheese eggrolls, and fresh-squeezed lemonadesCity East
Millie’s Homemade Ice CreamDowntown’s favorite homemade ice cream shop offering special Picklesburgh flavors, including dill pickle, pickled strawberry-mascarpone, and pickled peach pieBridge North
Patti’s Pastriesjumbo gourmet cupcakes featuring three pickled flavors, including Dillicious (a dill pickle inspiration), Death by Chocolate (featuring sauerkraut & beer), Spicy Maple Mango Habanero, and spicy maple bourbon baconBridge North
Pickle Me Petefried Pickle on a Stickle, plus fresh Brooklyn-barrel cured pickled featuring ginormous English cucumber pickles in a variety of flavors, including the ridiculously spicy pickleBridge South
Pickled Chefa huge variety of farm-fresh preserves and pickles, as well as the famous Picklesburgh Grilled Cheese with your choice of dill relish, kimchi, or bacon with apple maple bourbon jamBridge North
Pittsburgh Pickle Companypickled nachos piled high with queso and a plethora of pickled veggies, the Cinn-A-Pickle Parfait with vanilla pudding topped with a cinn-a-pickle, plus jarred pickles and “Briney Mary” Bloody Mary mix from this family-owned producer of fine pickled productsCity West
Pittsburgh Sandwich Societyfresh local ingredients go into every Pittsburgh hot pickle, Pittsburgh egg roll, and Pittsburgh hot pickle-brined fried chicken sandwichCity East
Pretzel Revolutionstuffed pretzels made fresh onsite, plus pickled chicken, pickled cheese dogs, baby dill & cheese, and other stuffed snacksBridge North
Sienna Mercatodill pickle chips with crack sauce and fried cornmeal crispies, pickled chicken salad sandwich, artisan pickled pasta salad, plus pickled lemonade (with vodka) and a pickled Pimm’s CupBridge South
Simon’s Food Concessionsget your festival food fix with classics such as yummy fried pickle chips and pickle dogs, or try something really different: pickle funnel cake!City East
Spiritwood-fired thin crust pizzas made to order with eclectic toppings including pickled endive, pickled fennel, and bourbon pickled hearts of palm, plus mojitos with pickled rhubarb, gin & juice with pickled carrot, and a Paloma with pickled Fresno peppers Bridge North
Stuff’d Pierogi Barperfect pierogis stuffed with pickle dip and deep fried, potato stuffed pierogis topped with pickled cabbage, and buffalo chicken stuffed pierogis City West
Superior Motorsrenowned chef Kevin Sousa serves up his Pickles-burger, featuring house-cured pickled green tomatoes and pickled onions, plus pickled corn on the cob dipped in savory sprinkles and a pickled watermelon cocktailBridge South
täkōsmoked pork tacos with pickled red onion, pickled jalapeno crème and hous-made giardiniera, plus nachos with pickled jalapeño chile con queso, giardiniera, and pickled tomatillo salsa along with street corn with pickled jalapeñoBridge South
The Warren & Penn Cove Eaterydill pickle salmon sushi, yellowtail poke bowl with grapefruit and pickled fennel, Chicago-style corn dog with onions, sweet pickle relish, pickled sport peppers, pickled watermelon margaritas, Picklesburgh Old Fashioned, pickled orange spritz, and a pickled Fred Collins cocktailCity West

Pickles, Merchandise, Souvenirs, & Gifts

VendorDescriptionFestival Location
Blissed Out DesignLocally-designed pickle and Pittsburgh-themed drink coasters, ornaments, pins, keychains, wine stoppers, and other giftsBridge North
The Brinery @ Two Acre FarmPickl’d Up Pouches in four flavors, including Bloody Mary, Minty Mojito, Sweet Garlic Herb & Wine, and Earthy Roasted Garlic Stout, plus whole pickles including maple bourbon and smokey habanero, pickled smokehouse BBQ sauce, and pickled honey Sriracha hot sauceBridge North
Byler’s Relish HouseSmall-batch pickled vegetables, relish, jam, jelly, fruit butters, and salsa created using open kettle processing and traditional family recipes (Friday & Saturday only)Bridge North
Cleveland PickleHand-packed gourmet flavored pickles, including spicy garlic, sweet and spicy, ginger, and lavenderBridge North
Conover Organic Farm Small batch, organically grown pickled specialties including Picklesburgh-exclusive dill pickle cashews, pickle Sriracha relish, ghost dill pickles, fermented garlic honey and kimchi, plus all the classicsBridge South
Country Hammer MoonshineA limited distillery specializing in flavored moonshine, including dill pickle, orange dreamsicle, and salted caramelCity East
Dina Colada Enterprises Henna tattoos, face and body painting, body and hair glitterCity East
Epic PicklesHand-crafted, small batch pickles and pickled veggies from this York, PA-producer, including kosher dills, garlic dills, spicy dills, fennel carrots, spicy okra, and asparagusCity East
Just My Artjewelry designs that are all pickle-centric, including pickle emoji magnets, pickle emoji ornaments, pickle jar necklaces, and pickle charmsBridge South
Kilhaney’s Picklesa variety of unique styles of pickled offerings, including pineapple bread and butter, sweet pickled eggs with beets, and mango jalapeño picklesBridge South
LinaBagshand-made cell phone bags and coin purses featuring fun and funky pickle-themed printsBridge South
Linda Barnicott Art & Gifts beloved for enchanting portraits of Pittsburgh’s most iconic subjects, Linda’s latest work immortalizes how “Pittsburgh Parties at Picklesburgh!” including special gifts in collaboration with Wendell August Forge featuring this new classic imageBridge South
McLaughlin Distillerysmall-batch craft distillery featuring three varieties of pickled moonshineBridge North
Miller’s Mustarda local favorite, Miller’s unleashes pickled pepper flavor in three wonderful mustards, mild, hot, and habanero Bridge South
The Neighborgoodsa one-stop-shop for witty and unique gifts, featuring pickle-themed dish towels, baby onesies, tote bags, and greeting cardsBridge North
The Olive Tapspecialty vinegars set these pickles apart, including pickles-on-a-stick made with Lambrusco vinegar, plus bottles of specialty vinegars to elevate your home pickling gameBridge North
Paul Family Farmsa 150-year-old family farm offering maple pickled onions, bourbon-barrel-aged maple syrup, maple jalapeño salt, and maple ginger green teaBridge South
Pickles & Rosesorganic cotton pickle dresses, pickle jogger pants, shorts, and pickle t’s for women, men, and kids City East
Pittsburgh Potteryhandmade Yinzer pottery, including pickle mugs, “Jeet Yet?” pickle plates, pickle ornaments and magnets, and moreBridge South
PSquare Scentssoy ribbon wick candles, including Dill Pickle and Pickled Bacon, pickle incense, plus pickle-shaped soaps and bath bombsBridge North
Randy’s Picklesall natural, hand-crafted pickles from Cleveland, including unique Grilled Pickles in a JarBridge South
Rust Belt Pepper Co.roasted Mediterranean pepper relish from a traditional family recipe from the country of MacedoniaBridge North
Tommy’s Old Fashion Jerkypremium quality jerky including wild dill pickle, bacon maple, and roasted garlic flavorsBridge North
Too Hot Mamasa variety of naturally-preserved pepper products, such as pickled peppers, sweet & spicy pickles, zesty zucchini relish, hot strawberry butter, and poppin’ pepper jamBridge North
Uncle Bunk’saward-winning pickles and condiments based on old Appalachian recipes, such as 14-day sweet pickles, zucchini bread & butter pickles, mustard relish, and rustic pepper sauce, all made one small batch at a timeCity West
Wigle Whiskeycreated especially for Picklesburgh, don’t miss locally-distilled Eau de Pickle, winner of a 2019 National Innovation Award from the American Craft Spirits Association as a “truly remarkable spirit” along with two specialty cocktails: “The Big Dill,” featuring Eau de Pickle and Threadbare Cider House Pickle Brine, and the “Briney Mary” City West