Below is a list of prepared food vendors from 2017. Stay tuned for a list of 2018 vendors!

Aunt Carols Gourmet DipsReady-to-eat pickles and dilly beans, served with gourmet dips in a variety of flavors
Braddock's Pittsburgh BrasserieThe house-made Braddock’s Hot Dog includes pickled shishito peppers, house-made bread & butter pickles, house-made pickle relish, sliced tomato, mustard, all on a poppy seed bun
BRGRPeter's Pickled Pepper Burger with thick-cut salami, pepper jack cheese, house-pickled bell peppers, banana peppers, pickle chips, and chipotle aioli. Also available are yummy pickled foods including: fried pickles with house made ranch; kimchi hot dogs; Chachos with smoked chicken and Jamaican pickle relish; Cocktails include: “Millions of Peaches” with white rum, triple sec, peach soda, and pickled peaches and “Luchadore” with Tecate, mezcal, pickle shot
Burgh BitesFried pickles, fresh and spicy pickled toppings, and a variety of hot dogs including the famous “Picklesburgh Dog”
Chocolate Moonshine CompanyGourmet fudges, chocolate covered dill pickle chips, and a pickled” fudge made exclusively for Picklesburgh
Dina Colada EnterprisesFabulous face painting and refreshing drinks – located near the Kids Area! Picklesburgh specials include a Dill Pickle Bubble Tea & Margarita Pickle mocktail, various bubble teas and frappuccinos, frozen hot chocolate, and cotton candy
Fabulous Homemade CookiesPeanut butter pickle cookies, molasses pickle cookies, sauerkraut brownies, pickle cupcakes, and more
Gosia's Pierogies A large array of pierogies including potato and cheese, potato and pickle, sweet cabbage, kimchi, potato and feta, sweet potato, and sauerkraut
The I'Dill Pickle (PGH Irish Festival)Presenting favorites such as the bacon wrapped fried pickle, the brie stuffed fried pickle, and new for 2017, a bacon wrapped AND brie-stuffed fried pickle!
LaScola's Italian IceBasil Lemonade, Dill Pickle Italian ice, custards, Italian ice in various flavors
Le's OrientalPickle eggrolls, grilled pickle on a stick, and other pickle-inspired Asian fusion cuisine
Patti's PastriesDelicious cupcakes, ladylocks, and other baked goods, featuring four special pickled treats: Dillicious Pickle Cupcake, Sweet & Heat Pickle Cupcake, Fudgie Sauerkraut Cupcake, and Crazy Pickled Jalapeño Lady Lock
Pickled ChefA variety of pickled vegetables, sauces and condiments. Delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with pickled ingredients
Pittsburgh Ice Cream Co. Creative artisan ice creams and sorbets made with only Western PA Dairy: check back for last year’s favorites Lemon Jalapeno, Dill Pickle, and Goat Rhubarb plus all new flavor creations for 2017!
Pretzel RevolutionUnique pickled pretzel and hot dog offerings including: pickle flavored soft pretzel dough (made with blended pickles and hand rolled); Pickle Cheese Dogs; Pickle Cheese Pretzel; and pickle stuffed pretzels
Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group Representing Meat & Potatoes, tako, Pork & Beans, Butcher and the Rye with a variety of delicious foods
Sienna MercatoVirgin or alcoholic pickled cocktails, featuring: Pickled Lemonade, Pickled Peach Sweet Tea, and Strawberry Lemonade, and delicious food
Simon's Food ConcessionsPickle chips, hot dogs with a special pickle sauce; plus fries, funnel cake, and all your favorite festival staples!
SpiritFresh fired wood oven pizzas with a variety of artisan pickled toppings including spicy pickled carrots and sauerkraut; and delicious cocktails

Below is a list of items prepped to continue the pickle party at home.

Allegheny City Farms Sauces, rubs, and jams in a variety of flavors including Pepper Jam and “Harvest Edition” Pittsburgh Style Hot Sauce
Blissed Out DesignPickle-themed wooden ornaments, drink coasters, magnets, and jewel display stands
Byler's Relish House Pickled garlic, pickles of all varieties, pickled beets, all kinds of relishes, jams of all flavors, plus many sugar-free jams
The Brinery at Two Acre Farm Pickled shrubs and dill, sweet, spicy, and flavored pickles all made from local ingredients and a custom spice blend
Clay Kitchen Studio Handmade pottery including fermentation crocks, fermentation weight sets, and fermentation starter kits to cover all your pickling needs
Conover Organic FarmOrganic and farm-sourced pickled products including: dill pickles, pickles on stick; bread and butter pickles; dilly beans; fermented hot sauce
Epic PicklesFrom York PA, and offering a variety of pickled produce including: string beans (dill & spicy), asparagus (dill & spicy), sarrots (sweet ginger & spicy), cauliflower, okra, cucumber pickles (Kosher, garlic, Old Bay, spicy, hot)
Grandpa Joe's Candy ShopFun candy and confectioneries from the Strip District and beyond, featuring bottles of famous Pickle Juice Soda! Also available: pickle lip balm, pickle ornaments, pickle candy canes, and much more
Just My Art Jewelry handmade from copper, fused glass, polymer clay, and a variety of recycled materials. Whimsical pickle pendants, ornaments, earrings, and other unique designs
LinaBagsTalk and Text handbags, coin bags, and lanyards made with pickle themed fabrics
McLaughlin Distillery Artisan craft spirits and moonshines from local Sewickley distillery, featuring three pickled moonshines made exclusively for Picklesburgh: PGH Sweet Pickle, PGH Hot Pickle, and PGH Dill Pickle
Olive TapAn assortment of pickled vegetables and products made with Olive Tap’s extra virgin olive oils and specialty balsamic vinegars
Pittsburgh Pickle Co.Pickles by the jar, pepper jams and rubs, cold pack onions, pepper relish, banana and jalapeno peppers. Also available ready to eat: pickle bacon tacos!
Portogallo Peppers Jars of Portogallo Peppers N'AT, Spicy Giardiniera, and Hot Giardiniera
"Too" Hot Mamas Pickled pepper, hot pepper mustard, hot strawberry butter, zesty zucchini relish, and so much more
Vessel Studio GlassGreen and “pickly” glass products including pickle ornaments, cups, vases, goblets, and the "Monster Pickle!”