Picklesburgh PickleHandcrafted prepared foods and artisan cocktails featuring pickled ingredients from local chefs and restaurants, many of whom pride themselves on house-cured pickled ingredients.

Picklesburgh Pickle Traditional ethnic foods that incorporate pickling such as corned beef, sauerbraten, chow-chow, sauerkraut pierogies, pickled beet eggs and dilly beans.

Picklesburgh Pickle Pickle-themed snack foods like dill flavored popcorn, pickle flavored ice cream and deep-fried pickles.

Picklesburgh Pickle International foods that utilize traditional pickling methods such as kimchi, chutney and pickled ginger.

Picklesburgh Pickle DIY farm-to-table demonstrations and tips from pickling/canning experts, chefs and authors at the Whole Foods Market demo area.

Picklesburgh Pickle Merchandise: event memorabilia, pickle-themed gifts DIY products and cookbooks.

Picklesburgh Pickle Fun competitions like pickle-juice drinking contests.

Picklesburgh Pickle Live entertainment on the BNY Mellon Stage set to the backdrop of a glorious Downtown Pittsburgh.

This annual festival showcases Downtown Pittsburgh’s riverfront and is designed to have wide appeal across the Greater Pittsburgh community including young adults, suburban families, and small-town citizens. Picklesburgh is brought to you by The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP), the non-profit organization behind some of Pittsburgh’s most successful, popular, and imaginative events including Comcast Light Up Night®, the Market Square Farmers Market, Downtown Rooftop Shindigs, Saturday Night Market, and the Peoples Gas Holiday Market™ among many others.
The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) is a dynamic, non-profit consortium of Downtown stakeholders including corporations, professionals, civic organizations, foundations and residents. PDP serves as a catalyst for fostering the economic vitality of Downtown and improves the quality of life for Downtown residents and businesses. PDP manages Downtown’s Business Improvement District and is responsible for the ubiquitous yellow-shirted Clean and Safe teams around town. Notably, PDP was the lead entity behind the reinvention of Market Square and the recent proliferation of sidewalk cafes and façade renovations.