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Allegheny City FarmsHot sauces, pepper jams, rubs and mustards to spice up your pantry. Plus, a pulled pork sandwich collaboration with Pittsburgh Pickle Company!CocktailsNorth
Aunt Carol's Gourmet DipsAunt Carol's Famous fresh cut pickles, dilly beans, and more served with gourmet dip. Dip mixes and pickling spice mixes available to take home!CocktailsNorth
Bae Bae's KitchenKorean-inspired pickles and pickled toppings, featuring Grandma's Kimchi, Napa Cabbage, White Radish, and Persian Cucumbers. Also featuring Boba tea (various flavors) and Vietnamese iced coffee.CocktailsNorth
Blissed Out DesignA local product design company specializing in Pittsburgh-themed marble drink coasters. Pick up a pickle-themed set, or one of many other gifts such as wine stoppers, bottle openers, wall art, custom ornaments, and more!CocktailsNorth
Byler's Relish HouseFriday + Saturday only! Using open kettle processing and well-guarded old family recipes, Byler's creates pickles, pickled vegetables, relish, jam, jelly, fruit butters, and salsa with vegetables and fruits fresh off the vine, tree, or bush!CocktailsNorth
BRGRFestival favorite BRGR serves up gourmet burgers, pickled toppings, fried pickles, and specialty cocktails.CocktailsNorth
Cleveland PickleGarlic and Spicy Garlic Dills, Ginger and Sriracha Pickles, pickled red onions, and many more canned classics - stop by for a taste of Cleveland!CocktailsNorth
Chocolate Moonshine Co.Lawrenceville's premier artisan chocolate company serves up pickled twists on their gourmet fudge - try the Pittsburgh Pickle, Peanut Butter Pickle Swirl" or stick to a classic Belgian chocolate covered pickle on a stick.CocktailsSouth
Conover Organic FarmThe only USDA-certified organic pickles on the bridge! Pickles on a stick, dill pickles, hot dill pickles, pickled cauliflower, dilly beans, pickled garlic, bread and butter pickles, kimchi and hot sauce are available from this certified organic operation - every item is made from scratch in small batches using only produce grown on the farm.CocktailsSouth
Coop De VilleNew from the Richard Deshantz Restaurant Group comes Coop de Ville, serving up a pickled take on southern cuisine with their pickle brined fried chicken sandwiches - choose from Nashville Hot or Plain Jane and enjoy with a curated selection of specialty pickled cocktails and wine.CocktailsSouth
Dina Colada Enterprises Serving up pickle-inspired specialty drinks - Virgin Pickle Margaritas, Pickled Bubble Tea, and Pickle Smoothies - along with snacks such as dill pickle Oreos, pepperoni boats, and mini charcuterie boards (heavy on the pickles, of course!)CocktailsSouth
Ekernally Yours Gourmet Popcorn & Sweet TreatsFresh-popped popcorn tossed in a variety of gourmet seasonings and flavors made from scratch, including Creamy Dill, Bread & Butter, Pickled Garlic, Pickled Jalapeno, and Hot Pickle!CocktailsSouth
Epic PicklesCheck out the epic range of pickles and pickled toppings from this Cleveland producer: Kosher Dills, Garlic Dills, Chesapeakes, Spicy Dills, Hot Dills, Sweetness, Sweet & Spicy, Fennel Carrots, Spicy Carrots, and Sweet Ginger Carrots!CocktailsSouth
Fabulous Homemade CookiesPeanut Butter Pickle and Molasses Pickle Pepper cookies, Peanut Butter Pickle cupcakes, and Sauerkraut Brownies - all made from scratch in Pittsburgh, PA.Prepared FoodSouth
Gosia's PierogiesMade from a secret family recipe originated in Poland & handed down from generation to generation - Gosia's marries buttery mashed potatoes in a dumpling with swirls of dill pickle, sauerkraut, sweet cabbage, cheese, and more. A true Pittsburgh delicacy! Prepared FoodSouth
Grandpa Joe's Candy ShopSole purveyors of Pickle Juice Soda, the instant internet viral sensation! Pick up your own 12 ounces of pure pickled satisfaction as well as pickle themed socks, mints, candy and ornaments. Prepared FoodSouth
Green KamikozeesBuilding off the wild success of their pickled hot green tomatoes, Green Kamikozee's now boasts over 16 pickled products. Each jar is made with fresh garlic, dill, and hot peppers to create the perfect balance of flavor and heat. Prepared FoodSouth
Just My ArtQuality handmade jewelry with unique and subtle designs created specifically for Picklesburgh - pickle necklaces, pickle earrings, jar o' pickle pendants, fused glass designs, and hammered copper bracelets.Prepared FoodSouth
Le's OrientalTry Le's famous Pickle egg rolls, pickle on a stick, or Kim-chi and Chicken on a Stick, plus fried rice, mac and cheese egg rolls, corn dogs, and fresh squeezed lemonade.Prepared FoodEast
LinaBags Rock your pickle pride with cell phone bags and coin purses featuring fun and funky pickle themed prints.Prepared FoodEast
McLaughlin DistillerySmall Batch Craft Distillery out of Sewickley, featuring three varieties of pickled moonshine - a festival favorite!Prepared FoodEast
Millie'sHomemade ice cream and sorbet from Downtown's favorite ice cream shop, featuring two pickle flavors created especially for Picklesburgh! Bread and butter pickle sorbet, pickled ginger ice cream, vanilla ice cream with Ritz crackers and pickled cherries.MerchandiseEast
Patti's PastriesJumbo gourmet cupcakes in a range of flavors, featuring custom creations such as Dillicious (a dill pickle inspiration), Sweet N Heat (spicy and sweet Pickle), Pina Jalapeño (Pineapple and Pickled Jalapeño), and Beer N Kraut (Beer and Sauerkraut).MerchandiseEast
Pittsburgh Pickle Co.Family owned and operated, producers of fine pickled products using zero artificial preservatives or food dyes - try PGH Style, Dill Mill, Fire & Smoke, or Better Bread & Butter to take home. Also available: refreshing Dill Lemonade and bottles of "Briney Mary" Bloody Mary mix. MerchandiseEast
Penn Cove Eatery & The Warren Bar and BurrowDowntown's newest restaurant serves up shrimp ceviche with pickled watermelon rind, dill pickle salmon sushi, plus a yellowtail, grapefruit, and pickled fennel poke bowl. Cocktails from the neighboring Warren Bar & Burrow include a pickled watermelon margarita, a Fred Collins with lemon, coriander, and pickled fennel, and the Picklesburgh Old Fashioned featuring candied orange + pickled cherries.MerchandiseEast
Pittsburgh PotteryHandmade pottery glazed in a distinctive yellow - pickle jars and ornaments, plus Pittsburgh-themed mugs, bowls, plates and shot glasses for all the yinzers in your life!MerchandiseEast
Pretzel RevolutionTry the pickled chicken stuffed pretzel or a dill and cheese soft pretzel, among a variety of other "stuffed" snacks and sandwiches made fresh onsite. Prepared FoodEast
Randy's PicklesHandcrafted in small batches in Cleveland Ohio, Randy's serves up pickles by the jar or by the pickle! Come by and taste their original grilled pickles: Randy's "Sideburns" (served cold).Prepared FoodWest
Sienna MercatoThree-story Downtown Italian eatery serving Dill Pickle Chips with carnival cornmeal crispies and buffalo ranch sauce, pickled strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, and a pickled pasta salad among other offerings. Specialty cocktails will include pickled lemonade (on the rocks or frozen) and a watermelon mojito.Prepared FoodWest
Simons Food ConcessionsGet your festival food fix with classics such as yummy fried pickle chips and pickle dogs, or try something really different - pickle funnel cake!Prepared FoodWest
SpiritWood-fired thin crust pizzas made to order in a mobile pizza oven with eclectic pickled toppings, plus a plethora of pickled cocktails! Check out Spirit's Summer Sangria w/ pickled watermelon, Gin & Juice w/ pickled carrot, Moscow Moose w/ pickled rhubarb, and Whiskey 57 with bourbon, soda, sweet brine, & gherkins.Prepared FoodWest
Superior MotorsThoughtfully prepared food drawing inspiration from Braddock, its people, its history and its perseverance, all in the eclectic style of Chef Kevin Sousa. Superior Donburi - Sushi Rice, Smoked + Pickled Egg, Pickled Trout Roe, Kim Chi, Dehydrated Pickled Furikake. Smoked Tofu Donburi: Sushi rice, Smoked + pickled tofu, pickled radish, kim chi, dehydrated pickled furikake.Prepared FoodWest
SuckerPunch GourmetSuckerPunch Gourmet makes bold tasting pickles, salsas and Bloody Mary mixes using all-natural ingredients. All products are gluten-free, and packed with bold flavor!Prepared FoodWest
The DillyBeanLacto-fermented pickles with no additives or preservatives! 1/2 and full sour garlic and jalapeño pickles, garlic and jalapeno dillybeans, garlic and jalapeno sauerkraut, Giardiniera, pickled garlic, pickled jalapeños, plus white and red kimchis sold individually or packaged. No cans, no heating, just naturally fermented goodness.Prepared FoodWest
The I'Dill PickleFrom the team at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, The I'Dill Pickle is proud to present the pickle combinations you never knew you needed: bacon wrapped fried pickles, brie cheese stuffed pickles, "Dog in a Dill" hot dogs, and frozen limeade with a pickle twist!MerchandiseWest
The Olive TapBalsamic vinegars and Extra Virgin Olive Oils, both plain and flavored. Take your home pickling game to the next level - grab a packet of pickling spices for use with the Olive Tap's specialty vinegars.MerchandiseWest
The Pickled ChefHuge variety of farm fresh preserves and pickles + the famous Picklesburgh Grilled Cheese with your choice of Dill Relish, Kimchi, or whole grain Mustard and Bacon.MerchandiseWest
Too Hot MamasA variety of pepper products, naturally preserved and full of flavor - try the milder "Hots in Sauce" and "Pickled Peppers", or the spicier "Hot Pepper Mustard", plus uniquely delicious creations like "Zesty Zucchini Relish" and festival favorite "Hot Strawberry Butter".MerchandiseWest
Two Acre FarmTwo Acre Farm creates a pickle for every taste: from crisp and bold Dill to mouth watering Sweet Maple Bourbon to their famous fiery Spicy Chesapeake.MerchandiseWest
Uncle Bunk's These award winning pickles and condiments are based on old Appalachian recipes; Sweet Pickles, Hot Mustard Relish, Hot Sweet Pickles, and Rustic Pepper Sauce are manufactured one small batch at a time - by the real Uncle Bunk!MerchandiseWest
Wigle Whiskey/Threadbare Cider Selling Eau de Pickle bottles with a featured Eau de Pickle cocktail! Read more about the pickle-flavored spirit at picklesburgh.com/eau-de-pickle/MerchandiseWest