Wigle Whiskey & PDP Team Up on Limited Release Pickle Spirit for 2018 Picklesburgh

Wigle Whiskey has partnered with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership on the release of Eau de Pickle (pronounced “Oh de Pickle”), a limited new Pickle-Flavored spirit that was crafted in celebration of this year’s Picklesburgh Festival, which for the first time will expand to three days and be held on Friday, June 20 to Sunday, June 22 on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. The dill Pickle-inspired Eau de Pickle is a complex, flavor-forward spirit that can be enjoyed simply with an ice cube or as a component in a killer Bloody Mary or other creative cocktails!

A Quirky & Traditional Spirit

As quirky as Eau de Pickle might initially seem, it is a spirit strongly rooted in a centuries-old European tradition. The recipe, loosely based on a classic Aquavit recipe from Scandinavia, incorporates classic pickle flavors including dill, coriander, mustard seed, and garlic into a rye-based high proof spirit.

How Wigle Made Eau de Pickle

To make Eau de Pickle Wigle Whiskey distillers begin by milling and mashing locally-sourced organic grains, including rye, wheat and malted barley. They distilled the spirit a total of three times in an alembic copper pot still to begin concentrating the alcohol. Before the third distillation, they added the herbs and spices directly to the high-proof spirit. Once distilled a third time, the spirit was brought to 80 proof and bottled and labelled by hand.

Release Events & Partnerships

Bottles of Wigle’s limited batch of Eau de Pickle will be available at Picklesburgh, where Wigle will be selling half size bottles for $34 per bottle. Wigle will also be hosting a pre-Picklesburgh Martini class at their Downtown Tasting Room & Bottle Shop on Oliver Ave on Monday, July 16 from 6-9 PM to get Pittsburghers into the pickle spirit! Wigle will round out the week with a Bottle Release party at the same location on Friday, July 20 from 5-10 PM.


Monday, July 16, 6-9 PM.
Wigle Whiskey Tasting Room & Bottle Shop at Omni William Penn.
$20 ticket required. RSVP at http://www.wiglewhiskey.com/events.

Celebrate Picklesburgh a few days early with a martini-inspired cocktail class on Monday, July 16 from 6-9 PM at the Bottle Shop & Tasting Room Downtown! In celebration of Eau de Pickle, our new limited Picklesburgh collaboration with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, we’re adding a quirky, dill pickle twist to this quintessential cocktail classic. Spend the evening with us to learn the best techniques for making a unique martini-inspired cocktail that is certain to please all your pickle loving friends. Be one of the first to sample Eau de Pickle before making your very own pickle cocktail with the help of our creative bartenders. $20 ticket price includes a sample of Eau de Pickle, a hands-on cocktail building session with our expert bartenders, and pickle finger foods from the Threadbare Cider & Mead Kitchen.


Friday, July 20, 5-10 PM.
Wigle Whiskey Tasting Room & Bottle Shop at Omni William Penn.
Free to attend. RSVP at http://www.wiglewhiskey.com/events.

Stop by the Wigle Tasting Room & Bottle Shop in Downtown and sip on pickle inspired cocktails to celebrate the first day of Picklesburgh on your way to the bridge! Our drink menu will feature drinks using Eau De Pickle, our new limited spirit collaboration with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership in celebration of Picklesburgh! Along with classic dill-pickle inspired cocktails, bottles of Eau de Pickle will be available for purchase at $34 a bottle. RSVP at http://www.wiglewhiskey.com/events.

Eau de Pickle Around Downtown

Additionally, the following bars and restaurants will each be presenting artisan cocktails featuring Eau de Pickle: The Commoner, Union Standard, BRGR Downtown, Superior Motors, Merchant Oyster Company. Release event information at wiglewhiskey.com and complete Picklesburgh information available at Picklesburgh.com.

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